Peach Skin - fluffy like a peach


What is Peach Skin

Peach Skin velvet, also known as peach skin cloth, is an imitation leather fabricdeveloped after artificial suede products. The surface of the fabric is coveredwith a strange short, delicate and fine fluff, and the surface of the fabric istactile and visually similar to the suede fabric of peach skin. Peach Skin

Originof the name fur

Thefabric is finely sanded in the dyeing and finishing process, so that thesurface of the fabric has a short pile covering about 0.2 mm, just like thesurface of a peach, with a novel and elegant appearance and a comfortable feel,which is favored by people, so named This type of fabric is peachskin. Therefore, the sanding finishing is also called "peach skinfinishing". This is the same as the nubuck finish that used to be called"suede finish" when faux suede products were popular.

Peach Skin

Featuresof fur

Thecolor is soft and natural, with a texture and appearance similar to peach skin,with fine, even and dense fur. The fur seems invisible but palpable. Itdiffuses in many directions under the light, very soft.

Soft andrich, fluffy and delicate, smooth and elastic, thick and plump;

It hasthe function of moisture absorption and ventilation, and has good shape, easyto wash and quick drying.


Leatherand Suede

Bothpeach skin and faux suede are faux leather, but the two fabrics are verydifferent.


Raw material

The raw material of peach skin is polyester or polyester-nyloncomposite yarn.

The raw material of suede is island silk.


There is a layer of fluff on the surface of the peachskin fabric, but if you don't look carefully, you can't see it, but you canfeel it.

The fluff on the surface of suede is visible, and thevelvet feeling is much better than that of peach skin, and it can also be madethicker.



Application of fur

Mainly used for suits, women's tops, skirts and otherfabrics, but also with genuine leather, artificial leather, denim, woolen andother fabrics for jackets, vests and other clothing fabrics.